Who are we?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

We are a group of students made for students! Since the University of Lucerne is the youngest in Switzerland, there are many sectors of learning and student-life wellbeing in the works. As the department grows, it is important for students to stay connected with each other and with the members of the staff to facilitate the smoothest academic journey possible. The University suggested creating professional associations for each faculty. These associations will act as the voice of the students in those faculties.

What is a little different in our situation is that we are a "department", separated into two programs - the Health Sciences and Medicine. In order to have a communal voice for the department as well as one for the Health Sciences program specifically, we have built both a Health Sciences and Medicine Professional Association as well as a Health Sciences Student Association - and so, here we are! We have been formally officiated by the University so that we perform under bi-laws that were made to ensure form and structure with hopes of building as an association that remains after each cohort leaves.

The Health Science Association includes a union of students who aim to accept feedback surrounding the Health Science Programs along with planning social and networking events, sports and a wide range of other hobbies and interests. We are responsible for representing you.